Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mommy Workouts

Staying fit as a Mom can be tough. I find myself eating the leftovers on my daughters plate so they don't get wasted. Sometimes we get so busy that it is easier to run to McDonald's than to cook a meal. I am guilty of it too, but lately I have just been fed up with that lifestyle. I made a pledge to my family that I will make a change, mind, body, and soul. I'm going to start by only keeping good food around the house. I went to the store and found alternate snacks that are better than chips and candy. I bought some rice cakes and plenty of fresh fruit. It is important for kids to understand the importance of eating a variety of foods. I started to cook 2 sets of vegetables for dinner and only offering starches if my daughter finishes her veggies. I bought some meat with protein like Salmon and cooked a good portion so I could break it up over my salad for leftovers. If my daughter wants a snack I break a banana in half and we split it. The hardest part of it all is getting outside and staying active. I take a walk a day and I make sure we are packed for the long haul. I bring a few bottles of frozen water and some snacks. I try to walk at least a mile from my house that way I know I have to walk a mile back home. I do jumping jacks with my two year old. She loves to help with my sit ups too.  I put some music on and we dance together for over an hour. It wears her out and gets my heart rate pumping. Even when I don't feel like working out I find something to do that keeps me on my feet for a while so that I am getting some activity for the day. I started limiting the amount of television that I allow the girls to watch. I also got a juicer for my birthday and I go through my fridge and juice everything that looks like it might go bad soon. It actually tastes pretty good, however, it looks pretty gross. I have noticed that since making these changes my mind feels clearer. I am stressed less and I have way more patience with the kids. Fitness is all about how you make it. You don't have to go obsess about it at the gym or go on a 500 calorie diet to lose weight and get in shape. It helps to involve the whole family and keep everyone active together. Dieting is more about how much you eat and when you eat than what you eat.  Even if you must go out to eat be conscious of your menu and try and order something a little lighter. The older we get the harder it is to keep weight off. I plan to have another baby some day so it is important to me that I get in shape so that my body can handle the stress of pregnancy. Motivation is the key. Don't pick goals that are unattainable for example I know I will never have a body like BeyoncĂ© so I don't even attempt to try. I just envision the body I had before kids and work towards getting it back. If you were not thin before you had kids that's fine too because once you get back to that size you can push farther and try a different size. I hope that everyone out there finds their motivation and continues to make getting in shape fun. That is most important part. Having fun will make it seem less like a task and more like a choice. Keep pushing and never give up. I hope to see a thinner version of myself soon enough.

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