Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad Luck

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? I felt as if both of my children got together today and conspired to whine and cry over EVERYTHING. It all started on my shopping trip to Walmart. I decided to go into the Halloween section and browse through some costumes for the girls. Bad idea! My two year old saw a princess dress that she just had to have and begged me to buy it for her. I told her no and explained the whole idea of trick or treating. It didn't work she threw herself on the ground and screamed her lungs out. People on all sides of me were giving me a cross look. I am sure all of them were thinking about how bad this little girl was. I managed to pull her away from the aisle and continued on to the produce section. She cried the entire way. Once I was ready to go check out I just happened to look down and saw that the baby had a horrible dirty diaper and it worked its way out and all over her car seat. I made my way to the bathroom and left the cart outside. I went in and cleaned her up as quickly as I could. As I made my way back outside to the cart I noticed that it was gone. Someone had taken it, for what reason I don't know. I had to endure two whiney kids for another 30 minutes while I gathered my groceries again. On the way home my oldest fell asleep in the car. I forgot to mention that she refused to go potty in the bathroom at Walmart so while she slept in her car seat she tinkled all over herself and my car. Once I got home and unloaded the kids and groceries I decided to sit and regroup for a moment, but they had other plans. Both of my girls cried over any and everything. At one point I thought I might cry. I took deep breaths and reminded myself that they would eventually go to bed and I could relax. Days like these make you wonder why you have kids. Then they look you in your eyes and smile and suddenly your emotions are flooded with overwhelming joy. At that moment I know why I have kids. The good days make the bad days so worth it. My oldest just came to me and said "Mommy I am sorry I was mean today". I kissed her and said "We can always start fresh tomorrow".

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