Friday, September 13, 2013

Things Kids Say

Have you ever been in a store and your small child says something completely embarrassing? Well my daughter took it to the next level today. The story begins at the Dr.'s office where we had been waiting for an extensive period of time. I watched family after family go back before us. I made my way to the front with my baby in my arms and my 2 year old by my side. My intentions were not to be rude, but as I got closer to the counter I could feel my anger building. I asked the lady why we had been waiting so long when our appointment was well over an hour ago. She apologized and assured me that we were next. As I began to walk away my 2 year old shouts "it's ok mommy she is a jackass". I found myself overcome with embarrassment  because that is a direct representation of the way we speak at home, however, she may have been right. I was in a difficult position. How do you have a discrete conversation with a toddler in the middle of a crowded office about inappropriate things to say. I just knew she would continuously ask me "why?" and just keep the conversation going forever. I decided to just go sit down and whisper in her ear like I was reprimanding her and vowed to myself that we would have this discussion later. Before later could come we were in the grocery store standing in line behind a man who smelled pretty intense. While I understood that he would soon be gone out of the line my daughter did not. She asked me rather loudly if the man in front of us pooped his pants. I told her no and asked her a question about her shoes hoping that would change the subject. This diversion tactic did not work. She then said "Mommy he needs a bubble bath". I ignored the statement and continued to unpack my grocery cart. After about three more insults I said Gabby that is not nice and we don't talk like that about other people. Of course the next line out of her mouth was just as expected "but why?" To which I responded "because that is not nice and Dora would not do that". To my surprise it worked! She accepted the answer and began to try and help me unload the cart. I learned two very valuable lessons this day. First, I should be more mindful of the way I speak at home because children pick up on things faster than we can imagine and second, I need to stop being passive aggressive when it comes to situations like these. I find at times that awkward situations make me anxious and I tend to put off dealing with them until later when I should be handling them head on. I am quite sure this will not be the last time I am embarrassed in public. Especially since my 6month old is not too far behind. I can promise though that in the future I will be prepared.

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